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 Weaving equipment - Price List

Items are usually made to order, although some stock is held.
All prices are for Oak / Sycamore / Ash / Beech.
In order to appreciate the equipment, it is best to see and handle it. Please enquire for details (see contact link above) or to discuss particular requirements, without obligation.

Inkle Looms

     Table Inkle looms £145 (Ratchet/slide, 75cm * 30cm high, 12cm pegs)

     Floor Inkle Looms £225 (82cm high by 84cm long, 8 15cm pegs)
     Extra floor loom pegs £10 each
     Floor loom peg storage system £45

Inkle shuttles

     Symmetric Small £14
     Symmetric Medium £18
     Asymmetric Small £14
     Asymmetric Medium £18

Inkle pick-up sticks & Beaters

     Straight £6.50
     Flat sticks: Small /large £4/£5

     Curved £9.50

Boat shuttles

     Curved 30cm £45
     Assymetric 26 cm £45
     Symmetric 26cm £45
     Japanese 18cm/20cm £35/£38

     Bobbins £4

Drop Spindles

     High precision drop spindles £45
     (including bowl for takli use)



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